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V Series


Compact Size
Output Voltage: V series are available in multiple output voltages ranging from +/-50VDC to +/-2,000VDC
Power: 50W, 100W
Dimension: 6.00” x 3.75” x 1.75”


Electrical Characteristics & Description
The “V” series precision switching supplies are extremely efficient DC to DC converters for applications requiring high power and isolation. These compact units are used in laser, medical, RF, capacitor charging and various other applications where compact high voltage at large power levels are needed. The output polarity is floating and provides an isolation from the input by over 3 kV. Output return and input return are separated by over 1000 VDC.

A twenty turn potentiometer adjustment located on the top of the unit sets the maximum output voltage. An external control voltage or resistance may also be used to adjust the output voltage by a factor of 3.

Each unit is fully encapsulated in a thermal conducting epoxy resin which provides mechanical stability as well as guarding against humidity and high voltage surface tracking.  Each V series power supply is fully tested and burn-in prior to shipping and is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of I year.


Model Output Voltage Output Current Ripple
V-1P 0 to 100V 0 to 1000mA <1%
V-2P 0 to 200V 0 to 500mA <1%
V-3P 0 to 300V 0 to 333mA <1%
V-4P 0 to 400V 0 to 250mA <1%
V-5P 0 to 500V 0 to 200mA <1%
V-10P 0 to 1000V 0 to 100mA <1%
V-20P 0 to 2000V 0 to 50mA <1%
V-1N 0 to - 100V 0 to 1000mA <1%
V-2N 0 to - 200V 0 to 500mA <1%
V-3N 0 to - 300V 0 to 333mA <1%
V-4N 0 to - 400V 0 to 250mA <1%
V-5N 0 to - 500V 0 to 200mA <1%
V-10N 0 to - 1000V 0 to 100mA <1%
V-20N 0 to - 2000V 0 to 50mA <1%

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