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High Voltage Power Supply

American High Voltage is the world’s premier manufacturer of high-reliability high voltage power supply.  Since 1978, American High Voltage has been the leading designer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf high voltage power supplies for commercial application as well as custom designed high voltage power supplies for operation in severe temperature.

American High Voltage offers a wide range of high voltage power supply that spans from 100V up to 250kV with powers from 1W up to 1kW. The greatest part of American High Voltage business is in the designed and supplied of specialized power supply for harsh environment applications. These applications range from Military power supply for aircraft such as the F-16 to power supply designed to operate at 200 Degree Celsius for Oil Well Logging industry.



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X-Ray Tube Driver Using AM and FM Modulation
Circuit arrangements and methods are disclosed for providing means of driving a grounded anode triode X-Ray tube using one isolation transformer, providing both filament power and controllable grid drive without the need for optical isolation devices. Applications of this design include fast X-Ray Imaging such as inspection equipment and systems, which require rapid control of X-Ray intensity.

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