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Commercial Power Supply, DC Converters

Since American High Voltage was founded more than 40 years ago, we’ve provided countless commercial clients with commercial DC converters and power supply products. We offer more than 200 standard power supplies and DC converters and have also helped more than 1,000 customers by designing custom solutions created to fit their specific needs. Our power supplies range from 100V up to 200kV and 1W up to 1kW and many of them are manufactured to withstand harsh and extreme environments. Whether you’re in search of low ripple, high power, or something in between, we’ll meet your exact specifications with our products and make sure they fit well within your budget.
We typically get you the standard commercial DC converters and power supply products you need within just a few weeks, even when you place a larger order. Simply choose from our large selection of standard or custom products, which includes everything from proportional products to tightly regulated products, and we’ll get started on them right away.
More than 85 percent of the products we produce at American High Voltage are custom designed. This allows us to manufacture commercial products capable of use in almost any application. It also allows us to provide you with the proper high voltage modules for your particular commercial application. Our products will hold up against almost anything and provide you with the reliability and performance our customers have come to expect from us over the last four decades.
Reach out to American High Voltage at 775-777-0992 or email us to secure commercial DC converters and power supply products for your company.

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