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ML Series


0.25” (6.35mm) Thick
High Efficiency
Output Voltage: ML series are available in multiple output voltages ranging from +/-500VDC to +/-8,000VDC
Power: 3W, 5W, 10W
Dimension: Please see Spec Sheet


Electrical Characteristics & Description
The Millenium 2000 Series power supplies are the newest state of the art group of switching high voltage power supplies on the market today.  This series introduces a quantum leap in size reduction with high power.  Patented component and construction techniques permits this series to be only 6.35mm (0.25”) thick with a 60 mm width X by 50 mm length (case A) or 64 mm width X 77 mm length (case B). It features 5 standard power levels from 1 to 10 watts and 5 standard output voltages, and contain AHV’s patented resonant Pulse Width Modulator topology which allows efficiencies up to 85% at full load.   

Ideal for Digital Radiography (Digital Flat-Panel X-ray Detector) and FED applications, it can be used wherever high voltage with minumum thickness is needed. Input voltages are standard from 12 to 28 VDC, and for flexibility, the output voltage is adjustable over a 5:1 range by either resistive or voltage programming.

The ML Series high voltage power supplies are regulated by virtue of a patented resonant Pulse Width Modulation topology.  The normal input voltage is stepped up by resonant action to a high voltage output which is referenced to the input ground.  The output voltage of the ML unit is NOT FLOATING.  The output high voltage return and the input power return are internally connected together. Each power supply has an TTL enable control.

The output voltage may be controlled in two different ways.  In the voltage programming mode, a control voltage between 0 - 5 VDC will adjust the output between 0 and full output.  In the resistance programming mode, a resistor placed between the voltage control lead and ground will vary the output voltage between 30 and 100%.  Zero resistance yields zero output.

The maximum output current ability is set for each unit to be 120% above the nominal value determined by the maximum current.  The current limit circuitry internal to the ML high voltage power supply has a reaction time constant of less than 0.1 second and is a “try again” type circuit with reset time of 2 seconds.


Model Output Voltage Output Current Ripple
ML-2310 0 to 1000V 0 to 3mA <0.1%
ML-2320 0 to 2000V 0 to 1.5mA <0.1%
ML-2330 0 to 3000V 0 to 1mA <0.1%
ML-2350 0 to 5000V 0 to 0.6mA <0.1%
ML-2380 0 to 8000V 0 to 0.375mA <0.1%
ML-2510 0 to 1000V 0 to 5mA <0.1%
ML-2520 0 to 2000V 0 to 2.5mA <0.1%
ML-2530 0 to 3000V 0 to 1.67mA <0.1%
ML-2550 0 to 5000V 0 to 1mA <0.1%
ML-2X10 0 to 1000V 0 to 10mA <0.1%
ML-2X20 0 to 2000V 0 to 5mA <0.1%
ML-2X30 0 to 3000V 0 to 3.33mA <0.1%
ML-2X50 0 to 5000V 0 to 2mA <0.1%

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