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About Us - American High Voltage

Background and Capabilities:
American High Voltage (AHV) an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, has been a valued designer and manufacturer of high voltage power supplies (HVPS) for over 30 years. AHV began as a supplier of High Temperature High Voltage Power Supply to the oil well logging industry, where units must function at 200 Degree Celsius. In addition to highly demanding commercial programs, AHV has supplied units to the NASA Space Program and the Department of Defense. Our product capability ranges from high-powered rack units to modules as small as one square-inch.

AHV has over 200 standard products to meet your product development requirement. We also have produced over 500 custom design power supplies to use as a base from which to provide low cost, fast delivery prototypes. AHV will also second-source any high voltage power supply made. Additionally, we have provided numerous obsolescent product replacements for customers who cannot find OEM sources of high voltage equipment.

Innovative Design:
The engineers at AHV have been designing HVPS for over 30 years. Since the 1978 we have led the way in developing and utilizing resonant switching technology for our high voltage power supply design.

High Voltage power supply designs are more materials oriented than circuit designs, so we constantly investigate and test new dielectric and magnetic materials for possible inclusion in our cutting-edge designs.

Our scientific labs occupy roughly 15,000 sq. feet and include a fully equipped prototype machine shop, a high-vacuum potting facility, an X-ray facility, and temperature and altitude testing capabilities.

Our design engineers also utilize the newest software for CAD. Every electrical circuit is examined using SPICE or HP simulations.

Commitment to Customer Service:
American High Voltage (AHV) is your source for the highest field reliable product, and we will meet the most demanding system requirements. The goal at AHV is to meet your needs with the highest reliability product for the lowest possible cost. We have also recently expanded our production facilities to provide you with quicker delivery and even better customer service.



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