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FCCT Series


Center-Tapped Modules
Line Regulation: 0.1%
Load Regulation: 3%
Isolation >5kV
Output Voltage: FCCT series are available in multiple output voltages ranging from +/-100VDC to +/-5,000VDC

Power: 10W, 15W
Dimension: 4.00” x 2.00” x 1.00”


Electrical Characteristics & Description
FCCT Series units are extremely versatile, allowing the user to float the high voltage up to 5 kVDC above the input line.  These power supplies are ideal for Electrostatic chuck, CRT, and other electro-optical applications. Each unit is encapsulated in an anodized aluminum  case which provides electrostatic shielding and heat removal.  The calculated MTBF is 70,000 hours at 71 deg C case temperature.


The FCCT Series high voltage power supplies are regulated by virtue of Pulse Width Modulation topology.  The input voltage is stepped up by resonant action to a high voltage output which is floating with respect to the input ground.  The output voltage is sensed using a unique patented circuit to allow fully floating operation with no Galvanic connection to the input power side of the power supply.


The output voltage adjustment is via a 10 turn potentiometer located on the top surface of the unit. The output voltage may then be controlled in either of two ways.  In voltage programming mode, a control voltage between 0 VDC and 5 VDC will adjust the output between 0% and full output.  In the resistance programming mode, a resistor placed between Pin 2 (5.0-V reference output) and Pin 3 (V control) will set the output to a voltage which depends on the value of the resistance used.  Typically a 5  kOhm resistor will set the output voltage to 50%.  Zero resistance yields full output. The maximum output current is limited to approximately a 120% above the nominal value as determined by the maximum output power for the supply.  The current limit circuitry internal to the FC high voltage power supply has a reaction time constant of less than 0.01 second.


The center tapped version of the FCCT series generates a + and – output for example the FCCT-6 will provide +/- 300V output.


Model Output Voltage Output Current Ripple
FCCT-1 0 to +/- 50V 0 to 100mA <0.08%
FCCT-2 0 to +/- 100V 0 to 50mA <0.08%
FCCT-3 0 to +/- 150V 0 to 33mA <0.08%
FCCT-6 0 to +/- 300V 0 to 16.67mA <0.08%
FCCT-12 0 to +/- 600V 0 to 8mA <0.08%
FCCT-25 0 to +/- 1250V 0 to 4mA <0.08%
FCCT-50 0 to +/- 2500V 0 to 2mA <0.08%

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