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HAQ Series


Cylindrical Shape
High Temperature (185 °C)
Output Proportional to Input
Output Voltage: HAQ series are available in 500VDC to 3,000VDC
Power: 1.5W
Dimension: 1.00”OD x 2.25”


The HAQ Series high voltage power supplies are designed specifically for use in high temperature environments. They provide isolated outputs of up 3kV and will operate at 185 degrees C case temperature. The output voltage of the HAQ power supply is directly proportional to the input voltage (0-15VDC). The output ripple is typically less than 0.1% at full power load. The two output leads are floating and fully isolated from the input power leads by over 1T Ohm (@ 25 deg C) with less than 50pF of coupling capacitance. This permits either positive or negative polarity operation. The circuitry incorporates the same high efficiency Royer Oscillator designed for our H-25B series which has been in production since 1981. All HAQ's are reverse input voltage and short circuit protected.


Model Output Voltage Output Current Ripple
HAQ-5 0 to 500V 0 to 3mA <0.1%
HAQ-15 0 to 1500V 0 to 1mA <0.1%
HAQ-30 0 to 3000V 0 to 0.5mA <0.1%

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