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AHV expands its Parallel Fed High Temperature High Voltage Neutron Generator Power Supply

Elko, NV – April 19, 2019- American High Voltage (AHV), the premier designer and manufacturer of precision high voltage power supplies, high voltage DC converters, has extended the output voltage range of its Parallel Fed High Temperature High Voltage Neutron Generator power supply for Oil Well Logging application to >120kV. 



American High Voltage’s Parallel Fed High Temperature Very High Voltage power supplies are designed to power D-T and D-D reaction neutron generating tubes used in downhole environments. They are intended for use in rugged shock and vibration environments and can operate at ambient temperature up to 175 Degrees Celsius. Using a state of the art parallel multiplier configuration, the design offers efficiencies of up to 50% with low stored energy and are not easily damaged by tube arcing. The parallel fed multiplier configuration provides greater dynamic load regulation than Cockroft-Walton designs and maintaining ripple typically less than 2% at full power. The output voltage is easily programmable via analog signals. Both current and voltage monitors are provided.

Download NTR Series datasheet.

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